Bad Nokia Actions

folks we have some very nasty actions by Nokia, threatening Finland if they don’t
pass an unconstitutional law that would allow Nokia to spy on their employees.


isn’t that special.   And if Finland doesn’t do this…Nokia
threatens to leave the country and take their thousands of jobs.


the public should know this.   See if their customer base would be
happy about being spied on if they were employed there.  


And would they continue
buying products that were made by such an evil corporate giant..?


is a short synopsis from Slashdot:


may be too big a company for Finland (a country of 5 million people). It seems
that Nokia’s lobbyists can push
an unconstitutional law through the legislature
at will. After Nokia was
caught red-handed, twice, snooping on its employees (first
, second
), the company started a relentless lobbying and pressure campaign
against politicians to push what the press has been calling ‘Lex Nokia’ or the
‘snooping law.’ This proposed law would allow employers to investigate the log
data of employees’ e-mails, legalizing the kind of snooping that Nokia had
engaged in. Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee asked the opinions of
eight legal experts, and all opined that the proposed law is unconstitutional.
The committee ignored all the advice and declared the proposal
An anonymous reader adds a link to an AFP story
reporting that Nokia has threatened
to pull out of Finland
unless the law passes.


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