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Workers World Party calls for end of capitalism. Heh…see how this thinking works out folks

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Those of you who wonder what the real Left may be up to and how they interact with Unions.  Take a gander at this note.  There is a video at Red State on this confab of Socialists and Left wing Democrats. 

Watch The Socialist at Work 

Remember, there are several of these in congress in the Democratic party.


Just In–Liberal Media in Houston Chronicle calls for Democrats to back Voter I.D.–Wow…

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What has the world come to when the Chron calls out the Dems to stand up and go for a verifiable Voter I.D.

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Why is the 35 Billion dollar Homeland Security Apparatus being used to protect Corporatists Rent Seekers in the Recording Industry?

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Seems our Homeland Security and ICE dept. are now raiding music trading web sites.  Will we ever be safe from real Terrorists…or are we to be kept safe from bad music.

Government Seizes "dangerous" music trading web sites

Some very tough questions need to be ask as to who is pushing this nonsense.  This is a lawyer type thing, not a Homeland Security thing.  What a complete waste and fiasco.  And very troubling.

MSNBC Inspires Left-Wing Hate Hoax

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Seems a Green Party activist is not happy with the recent election results nor the conservative radio hosts in her area after Rachel Maddow played back an excerpt of the radio show.  So she fires off threatening email that closes down local schools. 

“The woman charged by the FBI with making a threat that led to the lockdown of more than 300 Broward County schools after hearing the words of right-wing talker Joyce Kaufman isn’t a member of the Tea Party — she’s a member of the Green Party. “

Link to Story

Court releases findings on CAIR ties to Hamas–Just released from 2009 case

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Seems the final findings have been released from the Holy Land Foundation trial.  CAIR and ISNA all tied together with Hamas terror groups.  Neither deserve to ever be seen on TV as legitimate sources for Muslim theater.

Court Docs Just Released
Diagram of relationships to terror financing associations

Anonymous Quote..but I like it

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"Our ultimate goal should not be to convince lefties of anything, for that is nearly impossible.

"Our overall strategy, however, should be to relegate lefties’ political power and social influence to something like the 15 or 20 % of the population they actually represent."

Breaking–Nurse Union behind Illegal Alien attack on Meg Whitman

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Coming to light now….Nurse Union was behind the illegal alien scam put up against Meg Whitman.

Gloria Allred and Head Nurse Ratched i.e. Rose Ann Demoro are purported to have been behind actions.

Nurse Ratched Link