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The Society of Professional Journalists is WRONG. Illegal Aliens will ALWAYS be Illegal Aliens.

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No, we will not call them something different to make journalists comfortable.  And NO, not only Judges can decide what to call them.  We as free citizens can call them as they are. 

If they are here illegally, then they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.  If they overstay their visa’s….they are still ILLEGAL ALIENS.

And the SPJ is simply wrong, and is just being PC.  So pay no attention to them.


Are Wayne Crookes–and ICE both ASSHATS? It seems so.

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They both want to tear down the net.  Claim that LINKING is the same as Publishing.  Of which neither is competent to perform or decide.

Who is the ASSHAT….Crookes or ICE

Is our outgoing Senator Brownback going to back the Illegal Alien Bailout bill–The DREAM Act ?

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Sam is very weak on the Illegal Alien issue.  His “social justice” nonsense gets in the road of serious issue performance on this issue.  We need to hold his feet to the fire on his way out.  He needs to step up and not support this Illegal Alien bailout bill that the Democrats are pushing.  Sadly, Harry Reid apparently has 4 different versions of the bill coming up for a vote.

Everyone needs to call Sam and ask him up front what he is going to do.  Tell them we will hold him accountable even when he gets back home.

Who are the Forgotten Victims of the Aids Issue–Michael Fumento has some ideas

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It seems the media is not telling you all the facts around the AIDS issue.  Old crazy Dr. Koop is mostly full of it….and you need to read this.  A heterosexual male is more likely to get breast cancer than AIDS.   And your money is not being well spent.  Far more people die from other diseases than AIDS and it is eating up all the research money because we have been lied to about the numbers and who the victims are.  And it could be 100% solved by personal action…not drugs.  We know how you get it….

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Why is the US Ambassador to the UK visiting the biggest Terror Mosque in Britain?

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Folks, the leadership in the U.S. Dept. of State should be under some very close scrutiny for allowing the U.S. to be involved in or approaching this very dangerous Mosque.  It is the most radical anti-Western culture in the European theater.

The U.S. Ambassador, Louis Susman visit only gives some type of credence to this vile place.  The U.S. is eventually going to have to open its eyes to who it is dealing with.

This video shows a better way to face this vile constituency head on.  The Austrian MP lest loose with a fusillade on the Turkish Ambassador and explains something’s in a method that is needed more often.  See here:

Austrian MP Reams out Turkish

GOP Ready to Smack Down EPA and its Rule Making.

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Seems the GOP has had it with the EPA using its regulatory approach to bypass congress.  They will use a little known law to stymie the agency from implementing new regs.

GOP Stymies EPA

AMTRAK Lifts Ban on GUNS….Lookout Julian, we are coming for you

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Seems AMTRAK has seen the light. Now we can hunt down Julian Assange in peace.