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Do NOT buy CAPCOM games for your kids….or you

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Please no longer buy any Capcom games for your Nintendo 3DS.  They do not allow you to save and or restart the game.  It is only playable once .  Why…?  They are trying to thwart the 2nd sale of the game on the used game market…so they corrupt your free choice of using the open market.

Urge all not to buy any of their products.

See Story HERE on what they are up to.


But, but…we cant drill for more…it wouldn’t matter because it only last for a few days….oh, but..?

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In a more modern world, we have President Obama telling us that increased drilling would have a marginal effect on the price of oil, but now that he is facing reelection, he releases a portion of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to decrease the price of oil.

This is a case of getting caught up in your own lies and compromising our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for his personal political advantage.