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Obama supports Occupy Movement – #Occupy Miami Protest Leader Led “Jews Go Back to the Ovens” Rally

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Seems one should be more suspect of what you support.  Unless of course, you do actually support these activities.


Democratic Chiefs of Staff Embarrass selves by getting advice from 27 yr. old pseudo “journalist” Ezra Klein

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Well it seems the Dem chiefs of staff are unable to gather their own thoughts enough to put together a policy stand without the help of a 27 year old Leftist crank “journalist”.   Is this also indicative of their bosses and elected representatives?   Can they not make their own policy decisions without such input….especially from such immature thought processes as usually presented by Klein and his writing/tv appearances?

Who is Ezra Klein…and can he be trusted….seemingly NO

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Letter to the Washington Post

Hello, I am the editor of the Wichita Lineman in Wichita, KS. We are investigating Ezra Kleins recent partisan political activities via briefing congressional staffers.

Is this part of his daily activities and do you allow all your journalists to breach ethical standards on a regular basis.

If so would you post this policy so we can move on and disregard Mr. Kleins writings and no longer reference anything from him….and possibly the WaPo entirely.

Big Sis gives Muslim Brotherhood secret clearance

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Pam has some info on our Dear Leader Janet over at DHS.  Seems that the token Islamist at the DHS Mohamed Elibiary has been looking into databases he has no right to have access to.

See what Pam has to say about Dear Leader and her Islamist Minion

“Homeland Security is on the hot seat. Back in October 2010, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano named the devout Muslim Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The Texas Department of Public Safety now says that Elibiary may have been allowed to gain access to a highly sensitive database of intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of the material he found in that database to a media outlet for a story about "Islamophobia" in the Public Safety Department. “