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Due to the SPLC’s continued hate distortions, they have now had to be labeled a HATE Group themselves

Posted in Uncategorized on August 16, 2012 by bricko

SPLC’s ongoing claiming that most all groups that do not espouse their own Leftist agenda as HATE groups, we have had to adjust to their operations and also call them out. 

SPLC is now going to be labeled a HATE Group and all the baggage that goes with this nomenclature is now attached.  

All media references to the SPLC must now put in the title that they are a Hate Group.


Big Sis at DHS turns agency into Gay Employment agency

Posted in Uncategorized on August 10, 2012 by bricko

Big Sis turns DHS into Gay Employment agency with big jobs all going to her Lesbian lovers and their friends.