How to move forward on the Immigration fix…..

A bit of a policy that we think would satisfy even those who are against all immigration ideas. This was just put out on the net….

The better policy would be enforcement first, followed by amnesty.

Yes, amnesty. But only when we have ensured that these 11 million constitute the last cohort. Remember, we have done this twice before and the enforcement has NEVER been done. Do it first, or we will have none of it.

How to ensure that we get buy in from the anti side? With three obvious enforcement measures:

(a) a universal E-Verify system by which employers must check the legal status of all their hires;

(b) an effective system for tracking those who have overstayed their visas; and

(c) closure of the southern border, mainly with the kind of triple fence that has proved so successful near San Diegoclip_image002.

If legalization would go into effect only when these conditions are met, there would be overwhelming bipartisan pressure to get enforcement done as quickly as possible.


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