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Sen. Gillibrand hates young men and proposes to end due process in new CASA bill

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I have some issue/questions on the Gillibrand Campus Safety act and it’s still lacking in due process and its allowing Universities to address these criminal acts. 

The new bill still does not delineate the due process allowed by the US Constitution.  The bill says this due process is whatever the University allows….that should not be allowed.  These sexual assaults are criminal acts and need to be handled by proper law enforcement investigations, not some campus kangaroo court by the local social science dept., whom are likely biased to start with.

The DoJ has put out a letter telling universities to not use the “without a doubt” standard in other criminal cases and to now use just the “preponderance of evidence” which is much lower standard in order to get more convictions.  This is not acceptable.

The bill does NOT allow for standard Cross Examination by the accused for god’s sake, not acceptable, so the accused can NOT defend themselves.  And lawyers should be either allowed or required by BOTH parties,  the accused most assuredly must have one to meet constitutional due process.  We MUST get the universities out of the criminal court business.  Right now there are No jury, No attorney, No Witnesses likely….but you get expelled anyway.

As of right now there are 60 cases brought against universities by the male accused…..for lack of due process, and the trial attorneys are pulling together massive class action suits nationwide that will ruin some universities.  For lack of due process and ruining many you male lives.  This is part of the Democrat war on boys.

This article by Ashe Show provides better round up of the issue that is now being debated. She puts it in a better light.  It’s also being discussed by the legal scholars at Harvard etc. and the top professors there have signed on to address this lack of due process.

This has been brought about the erroneous and completely wrong and now debunked (1 in 5 ) statistic of rape on campus.  It is so wrong that even

Sen. Gillibrand has removed that number from her own web site.

I have provided a group of info I have researched an pulled together and attached at bottom of this email.


Please  update your info on the stories of rape being increasing on college campus.  The guys who put out the 1 in 5 stat say it’s not right and not indicative of national numbers.  It was a self-directed study and not valid since it was only from 2 colleges and not randomized.

Even Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand removes debunked 1 in 5 sexual assault statistic from website

Let’s think a bit.  OU has around 25,000 students.  If 1 in 5 women are raped, which would mean 20% of about 13,000 (women are little over ½ od student body) would be 2600 rapes over a 9 month school year. That would be about 300 per month….my god that is 10 rapes every day at OU…..ludicrous on its face.  Stop spreading such silliness.

According to the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of rape and sexual assault is lower for college students (at 6.1 per 1,000) than for non-students (7.6 per 1,000). (Note: not 1 in 5). What’s more, between 1997 and 2013, rape against women dropped by about 50%, in keeping with a more general drop in violent crime nationally.

DoJ changes rules on how to address investigations…..males not allowed to defend themselves. Rules of evidence changed

Plus the definition of rape and or sexual assault has been drastically redefined to cover “touching outside of clothing: so apparently you have been sexually assaulted if you ride on an elevator and someone touches you.

There is a reason for this….it’s the feminist authorities that infest academia and their war on males. And the DoJ changing definitions of punishment and forcing males to NOT defending themselves in kangaroo courts devised by the colleges who have no business in judging what should be criminal cases that need investigated by police, not academics.  The males are not even allowed to have legal representatives.

No Trial? No Jury? No Witnesses? No Attorney? Student Expelled Anyway


Reference material debunking the epidemic of rape nonsense. 

Rolling Stone and the myth of a rape epidemic

Harvard Liberals Hate New Campus Sex Laws

28 Harvard liberal law professors write letter condemning “rape epidemic” and lack of due process for the accused. 

If you have lost the leftist lawyers at Harvard….your cause is doomed.

The truth – that rape on campus is becoming less common – doesn’t fit the left’s narrative.

Univ. of Tennessee professor – “Americans have been living through an enormously sensationalized college rape hoax, but as the evidence accumulates it’s becoming clear that the entire thing was just a bunch of media hype and political opportunism.”

No, 1 in 5 women have not been raped on college campuses

Massive law suits are being planned by males against universities and are already winning millions.  Major universities are going to be on the hook for multi millions when the lawsuits get pulled together into class actions.

Male student sues university, accuses gender bias in rape case

No Trial? No Jury? No Witnesses? No Attorney? Student Expelled Anyway